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Python Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Vehicle Traffic Surveillance system

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Python Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Vehicle Traffic Surveillance system

What are you going to do?

As a Data Scientist, you are going to work in the area of Kowloon Bay. Here you will work on a new Vehicle traffic surveillance system, which is an update on the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). It will help traffic operators/planners to prevent traffic jams in the short and long term. The incoming data is a combination of real time traffic detectors such as Video Vehicle Detection, Pneumatic Road Tube and Piezoelectric sensors.  The data can variate from traffic speed and volume, license plate to identify previously taken routes. These variables are used to offer drivers in Hong Kong efficient and effective and incident-free journey.  The Vehicle Traffic surveillance system is directly connected to variable message signs and lane control signals. In dire situations, the right emergency services are informed. By using different modules. The platform allows users to monitor traffic status and carry out different analytics such as root cause analysis and predictive maintenance. That helps the surveillance team to find out issues more efficiently and accurately.

What is offered to you?

Besides a salary between 25,000 HKD  and 35,000 HKD per month the following:

•    5 days’ work ( no Sat)
•    Opportunities to become lead or manager
•    On the job training of data experts

What is expected of you?

Besides a minimum experience in 1 year of data science or software development the following:

•    Experience in programming using Python, Java, R, C/ C++;
•    Experience/ knowledge in Machine Learning packages (e.g., sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch);
•    Experience in Big Data is a plus

Where are you going to work?

You are going to work in an international IT solution provider in Hong Kong in the area of Kowloon Bay. Here you will work in-house on the new system. The company has offices Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and London. Due to the international background, they offer international training modules and share knowledge with other experts. In Hong Kong, you shall be working closely together with a team of data scientists in harmony with the software development team.

Learn more or apply directly?

Does the suit you well and do you want to start a new challenging job? If you want to apply directly, click on the ‘Apply’ button. For more information about this vacancy and/or other possibilities, you can contact me via + 852 35 11 62 61 or mail me at Davit.Seng@ardekay.com. Unsure wither the job fits your experience/demands, feel free to contact me.

Keywords: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Python, Vehicle traffic surveillance system, Machine Learning, the Intelligent Transport System, International, Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo and London,  Machine Learning sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch, Python, Java, R, C/C++.
City Kowloon Bay


Davit Seng
+852 35 11 62 61


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