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Full-Stack PHP/ NodeJS Programmer| One-Stop-Shop

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Full-Stack PHP/ NodeJS Programmer| One-Stop-Shop

What are you going to do?

As a full-stack PHP developer, you are going to work on a One-Stop-Shop for B2B procurement. With products such as; Apparel, Shoes, Accessories, Lingerie and Homewares. These products are made by top-quality suppliers from Asia, Africa, EU and North America. To ensure the top-quality, manufacturing and transport is carefully monitored. Therefore, suppliers must provide details such as materials, and production method details about the factories, place of performance and transport, packaging and labelling, duties of inspection and complaints. These details are real-time updated and monitored in a portal. This is portal is accessible from desktop, Android and IOS. The techniques used in this portal are PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.JS, React, WEB API, Restful, JSON,HTML, CSS3, XHTML, PostgreSQL and AWS. You are involved in the full development cycle. Which includes Architecture, Development, deployment, testing and support.

What is offered to you?

Besides a salary between 25,000 HKD and 40,000 HKD per month the following:

•    15 days annual leave
•    Double pay and discretionary bonuses
•    MPF and medical coverage
•    Flexible working hours
•    Tailored made training-program

What is expected of you?

Besides a bachelor degree or higher in computer science or something related the following;

•    Experience in software development in either PHP or JavaScript
•    Experience/ knowledge in Amazon Web Services is a plus
•    Being able to work in the full development cycle, including, architecture, development, testing and support

Where are you going to work?

You are going to work in Tsim Sha Tsui East for an international company, responsible for over 15,000 employees worldwide. In 50 years, they have established a network of top-quality suppliers. They provide them Quality and Audit Services in both production and Supply Chain. Due to the increase of international regulations and standards on production and supply chain, it has become a unique selling point of these suppliers. To maintain their reputation products are being sold on a One-Stop Shop for the B2B market. With Real-Time details accessible for both suppliers and buyers. In recent years the organization focusses on an innovative corporate culture with agile working methods. The aim is to develop a corporate culture that enables them to react rapidly to external influences and entails the ability to change in an agile way. This gives rise to ‘thinking dimensions where professional decisions can be made by individuals on their own, independently of their levels in the hierarchy. Learning and development is for them an important issue to survive in a dynamic market. With strong long term goals, they pay special attention to paid to vocational and continued education. These training tailored to the employee and offers e-learning course, workshops and webinars.

Learn more or apply directly?

Does the suit you well and do you want to start a new challenging job? If you want to apply directly, click on the ‘Apply’ button. For more information about this vacancy and/or other possibilities, you can contact me via + 852 35 11 62 61 or mail me at Davit.Seng@ardekay.com. Unsure wither the job fits your experience/demands, feel free to contact me.
 Keywords: PHP, JavaScript Full Stack Developer, Programmer, Analyst, B2B, One Stop Shop, Portal, portal are PHP, Node.JS, React,WEB API, RESTFull, JSON,HTML, CSS3, XHTML, PostgreSQL and AWS, Architecture, Development, Testing, Support International, E-learning, workshops, webinars, flexible working hours
City Tsim Sha Tsui


Davit Seng
+852 35 11 62 61


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